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Welcome to Chaos to Calm: The Ultimate ADHD Parenting Course

Transform Your Parenting Experience with Proven Strategies and Empathetic Support


Transform Your Parenting Experience



Chaos to Calm is designed to help you confidently support your child with evidence-based strategies that have already helped hundreds of families. This course is perfect for parents seeking more peace and understanding in their parenting journey.

Join us to gain insights from Erica, a seasoned ADHD educator and coach, connect with a community of parents who understand your challenges, and start transforming stress into success. Begin your journey from chaos to calm today—because you and your child deserve a calmer, happier tomorrow.




You've been tirelessly searching for the key to a more peaceful and connected parenting experience. It feels like you've tried everything, only to face the same challenges over and over again. It's exhausting, isn't it? You're not alone. Many parents of children with ADHD find themselves stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of frustration and stress.

But what if there's a way to break this cycle?

Imagine a parenting journey where peace and connection are the norms, not the exceptions. Chaos to Calm offers you the strategies and support to make this your reality. Let's transform the chaos into calm together.

Ready to shift from Chaos to Calm?

In this course, you will learn to become the expert ADHD coach your family needs. I’ll guide you through integrating ADHD-friendly strategies into your daily life, enabling you to foster a nurturing environment where your child can truly thrive. This isn't just about managing symptoms—it's about transforming them into strengths and creating a home where everyone grows together.

Meet Your Chaos to Calm Instructor

Hi, I'm Erica!

As both a seasoned educator and a parent who has navigated the journey of ADHD personally and professionally, I understand the challenges and triumphs of ADHD parenting. My own diagnosis of ADHD was uncovered during a particularly demanding time in my life, reshaping my approach to parenting, teaching, and personal growth. This profound personal insight, combined with my academic background in behaviour and mental health, led me to establish Neilson Mahoney Coaching.

I'm known as @behaviourcoach on Instagram where I share insights and strategies. With a Master’s degree in education and ongoing doctoral studies in the field, I've helped hundreds of families transform their understanding and approach to ADHD. My unique perspective—as an expert, someone with ADHD, and as a parent of a child with ADHD—equips me with unique strategies that I look forward to sharing with you in this course.

Join us, and let’s turn your challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.


You're going to




Choas to Calm is structured around 29 video lessons, each designed to be engaging and manageable, lasting between 20-30 minutes. These lessons are crafted to either build ADHD understanding or to support you in implementing ADHD-friendly strategies to support your child. 

Supporting Materials

To enhance your learning experience, each video lesson is supplemented with reference materials. These resources are designed to deepen your understanding and application of the concepts discussed in the videos. You will recieve: reflection activities, surveys, an ebook, and all of the slides.


Our community is your space to connect with other parents who understand exactly what you're going through. Here, you can share experiences, offer support, and receive advice from those on similar paths. Plus, I'll be actively participating—popping in regularly to engage with the community and answer your questions.

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In this module, we are introducing ADHD and hitting the basics. This module includes an overview of ADHD, common treatment options, and a supplementary ebook to deep dive into what science can tell us about the ADHD brain.


Building Understanding

In this module, we'll delve deeply into crucial topics essential for grasping the profound effects of living with ADHD. We'll explore areas such as executive functioning, motivation, and overwhelm, as well as the personal impact ADHD has on daily life. This module is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding that will empower you to better support yourself and your child through the journey of managing ADHD.


Starting with Connection, Clear Expectations, and Movement

This module focuses on initiating support and strategies in three crucial areas that serve as foundational supports: Connection, Clear Expectations, and Movement. We'll explore how strengthening your connection with your child, setting clear and achievable expectations, and incorporating movement into daily routines can create a solid foundation for managing ADHD. 


Supporting Executive Functioning

In this module, we focus on enhancing executive functioning—a critical area for managing ADHD effectively. You'll learn actionable strategies through lessons that explore the creation and implementation of rhythms and routines, the use of visual tools, and techniques for managing impulsivity. These strategies are designed to improve organization, focus, and self-regulation, providing you with a toolkit to support your child's daily challenges and successes.


Supporting Motivation

Motivation can often feel elusive and inconsistent in individuals with ADHD. In this module, we focus on discovering ADHD-friendly strategies that effectively connect your child to motivators that truly work. We will explore how to tap into motivators that resonate with the ADHD brain and examine the relationship between traditional behavioral motivators, such as punishments and rewards, and their effectiveness for children with ADHD.


Supporting Overwhelm

This module is filled with valuable content aimed at supporting your child when they experience feelings of overwhelm and dysregulation. We'll delve into a variety of regulation strategies tailored to the needs of children with ADHD. Additionally, we'll cover special topics such as anxiety, overthinking, meltdowns, escalations, and sensitivity to rejection and perceived injustice


Special Topics

This module is dedicated to exploring common challenges that parents of children with ADHD frequently encounter. If your child struggles with sleep or managing screen time, this section is particularly relevant. We will provide insights and strategies specifically designed to address these areas, helping you to implement practical solutions that can lead to better sleep habits and balanced screen use.


Parenting ADHD doesn't have to be so hard


Build understanding and a repertoire of research based strategies that work - without spending more time and money chasing practitioners and appointments.



By the end of Chaos to Calm, you will:

  • Understand the why behind behaviours and ADHD symptoms. This knowledge will enhance your patience and empathy, enabling you to support your child more effectively during difficult moments. You'll also become adept at identifying and applying the right strategies at the right times.
  • Feel Empowered and Connected. Discover the power of shared experiences and realize that you are not alone in this journey. This realization will bring validation and a sense of community, boosting your emotional resilience and connection to your child.
  • Act with Confidence and Clarity. You will have learned to navigate the challenges of ADHD with confidence, armed with effective strategies and a clear understanding of how to implement them. This will empower you to make informed decisions that positively impact your child's growth and well-being.

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with the support of parents like YOU and my support as your guide.

Unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... this course comes with a free community for parents to gather and for you to ask questions that I will pop in and answer.

Can Chaos to Calm Truly Work for Me?

I've dedicated years to working one-on-one with hundreds of families, engaging with countless more through workshops, group programs, and social media. I've witnessed the transformational impact of deeply understanding ADHD and applying effective strategies firsthand.

Here is what sets Chaos to Calm apart: 


  • Proven Strategies with Real Results: The course zeroes in on the three crucial areas of ADHD impact—executive functioning, motivation, and overwhelm. It equips parents and children with tools and strategies that have successfully boosted confidence and reduced ADHD symptoms, demonstrating real, positive changes in daily life.
  • Research-Backed and Practitioner-Approved: With over 80 references cited, every part of this course is grounded in the latest ADHD research. You gain access to cutting-edge information and techniques that are both effective and scientifically validated, ensuring that what you learn is not only current but also proven to work.

  • Built from Necessity and Success: As demand for my personal coaching grew, so did the need to reach more families effectively. Chaos to Calm was created out of a necessity to extend the reach of my proven methods to more parents like you, beyond the constraints of individual sessions.

  • A Comprehensive Toolkit at Your Fingertips: This course isn't just a series of lectures. It’s a complete system packed with valuable content, including strategic plans that I use daily with my clients. You'll get the full breadth of my expertise, condensed into digestible, actionable formats.

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Imagine transforming the chaos of ADHD parenting into harmony. 

How would it feel to leave behind the constant pushing, rushing, and struggling, stepping into a world of calm and connection with your child?

  • Would you feel more calm and peaceful in your day-to-day life?
  • Would you feel GRATEFUL to be more connected to your child and not always stressed
    and angry?  
  • Would you be excited to rediscover the joy and fulfillment in parenting? 
  • Would you redirect your newfound energy towards activities and passions that truly inspire you?
  •  Would you be thrilled to witness your child not just surviving but thriving in their day-to-day life?

There is too much you're missing by NOT having the tools to create more calm in your home,

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